How To Restore A Craftsman 100 Table Saw Restoration Part 5

Hi guys in this video all the parts of the my dads old vintage craftsman 100 table saw are ready to be assembled, so thats what we do. I think I did a pretty good job restoring this saw and i wish my dad was still around to see it . I spent the time to even polish out the bolts and washers. so its time to get this awesome saw back together . on all the parts that move I used a dry silicone lube to ensure it won’t collect dust on the moving parts. Some people are into the latest and greatest saws but I am in to these Old iron saws and tools so sit back and enjoy this video and I thank you for watching


2 Replies to “How To Restore A Craftsman 100 Table Saw Restoration Part 5”

  1. Jeremy Griffes

    Dude, I can’t thank you enough for posting the amazing videos of the table saw restoration. Watching those guided me through some of the more difficult parts of restoring the 113 series Craftsman saw that someone abandoned. It was a rust bucket, and I was in over my head when I decided to do a tear down and rebuild.

    Techniques, tools, and patience is what I got from watching your videos. Thanks.

    My saw looks and runs great now, after a few months’ worth of weekends.

  2. Bill Gallacher

    I enjoyed your video rebuild of the Craftsman 100. I have my Dad’s and am ready to go through the same process. I didn’t see any video of the cabinet resto. Is there any video? Curious to see what you did for the “swirled” name plate parts and see which paint you used.


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