HOW TO MAKE Awesome Bandsaw Upgrades

This video is all about upgrading my 14 inch bandsaw. I install new tires,a new longer tension handle and a fresh new carter 1/2 inch 3 tpi blade and I show how I set up my bearing guides for more details watch the video and leave a comment……

Things I Used In The Video are listed in my stuff I use Page

2 Replies to “HOW TO MAKE Awesome Bandsaw Upgrades”

  1. Michael "Mike" Conner

    Just saw your video on the band saw up grades. I hope you have time for a couple questions. The saw you have appears to be from Harbor Freight. I think I have the same saw, accept mine is much older, at the time it was called Ram Machinery.
    My problem with mine is, the bottom guide broke, cast iron. I noticed your saw looked like your guides were updated. I’m looking for guides like yours to replace what I have. Mine only has a back bearing and the guides are adjustable steel guides. I wish I could send a pic to shoe you what I mean. Any help or advise would be great.

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